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DISCLAIMER: this post is going to be the epitome of a white girl problem, so if you don’t want to read my rant, move along.

so I’m always trying to be one of those girls who just embrace their body and try not to worry too much about what they eat, if they exercise, etc.
BUT THEN tumblr/life comes along with these gorgeous girls with killer bods. Not even just thin girls, but fit girls. Then it throws my whole self-esteem, not caring system out of whack.

I am constantly bouncing back and forth between not caring, and telling myself that I need to start working out again.

on top of that, I really want to buy new running shoes, but I feel guilty buying them when I’m supposed to be saving my money. And I know a big part of me not working out is because I can’t run cause my old shoes give me shin splints.